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  • Bread Packaging | Nesne EMT

    BREAD PACKAGING Year 2021 ​ Sector Packaging Maa’ya is a homemade healthy bread brand which works with online order& delivery system. Within the contex of the project, brand identity and design of bags & aprons were carried out. Bags utilized as package and storage unit were produced of the natural textiles suitable with the nature of artisan bread. 1/1

  • My Wings Istanbul | Nesne EMT

    MY WINGS ISTANBUL Year 2020 ​ Sector Public Design ​ Prize "İstanbul Senin" Urban Furniture and Game-Recreation Products Design Competition 5th Prize In the project MY WINGS ISTANBUL; it is aimed that children develop profound and emotional connections with the city they live in by building a city-architecture relationship through their physical and sensory experiences. An imaginary Istanbul has been structured through the playground units where Istanbul’s existing values are symbolized. This structure is enhanced over a central module that is the main focus of the project and a and an integrative module which is added according to the size of the space. In the main module correlated with the Historical Peninsula, the children can design their own Istanbul through an imaginary Istanbul neighbourhood represented by modular wooden wings. In the neighbourhood scene which takes place in the central module is imagined as surrounded by city walls, main streets, commercial center, houses opening into intertwined courtyards and alleys meeting at small squares. Hazerfen Flight in Galata-Tram-Taksim Rumeli Feneri-Bosphorus Bridge Rumeli Feneri-Bosphorus Bridge Hazerfen Flight in Galata-Tram-Taksim Topkapi Palace Trampolines-Istanbul Boats- Avrasya Tunnel Seagull in Maiden Tower- Istanbul Boats 1/1 Kadraj İstanbul

  • Hakkımızda | Nesne Endüstriyel ve Mekanik Tasarım | Turkey

    SERVICES Industrial and Mechanical Design Product Development Strategy and Planning Material and Production Method Consulting Model and Prototype Production Product Development Guidance for SMEs and Education Hakkımızda About Us We produce solutions for every stage in product design, from the first idea to production ... As Nesne-emt, which was established in 1994 in Izmir and restructured in 2006; We offer project-specific services in the fields of defense, medical, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, electronic devices and equipment, urban furniture, home appliances, automotive, packaging and ceramics. Industrial and mechanical design, product development strategy and planning, material and production method consultancy, small number of production, model and rapid prototyping, product development guidance and training to SMEs are among the other services we offer.

  • Imaging Device | Nesne EMT

    SCREENING DEVICE Year 2013 ​ Sector Electronic Screening device is designed for public spaces like airports where safety controls are in high demand. 1/1

  • Desktop Napkin Holder | Nesne EMT

    DESKTOP NAPKIN HOLDER Year 2012 ​ Sector Household Items The design of napkin holders which are considered to be used at home, cafe and restaurant, focuses on the solutions in compliance with every ambiance, accentuating the napkin pattern, providing filling and pulling ease. Within the project context; industrial design, mechanical design and prototype production were carried out. 1/1 Kadraj İstanbul

  • Public Design | Nesne EMT

    SECTOR Electronics Industrial Machines Medical Public Design Household Items Educational Game Kits Packaging Food Design Public Design Kentsel Donatılar

  • Exit Sign Lighting | Nesne EMT

    EXIT SIGN LIGHTING Year 2020 ​ Sector Electronic Illuminated emergency exit armature is designed for shopping centers. The usage of changeable panels with different materials introduces flexibility in providing conformity with different environmental concepts. 1/1

  • Mustard Jar | Nesne EMT

    MUSTARD JAR Year 2015 ​ Sector Packaging The design proposals are based on the multilayered flavor of mustard and the observed motion of pouring and spreading into the jar. Within the context of the Project, industrial design and prototype production studies have been carried out. 1/1

  • Grafik | Nesne Endüstriyel ve Mekanik Tasarım | Turkey

    GRAPHIC DESIGN EXAMPLES In addition to corporate identity and user interface graphic design works for industrial products, conceptual design, idea development, detailing and preparation for printing are carried out for publications such as printed books and posters. Product Catalog - Farper Chemical Industry Poster Work - Kamer Foundation Being a Girl Being a Boy Book Study - Kamer Foundation Fairy Tale Book - Special Edition İzmir Coastal Area Urban Equipment Project Booklet - İzmir Metropolitan Municipality 1/1

  • Portable Respirator | Nesne EMT

    PORTABLE RESPIRATOR Year 2021 ​ Sector Medical Goldsleep respirator which focuses on breathing problems during sleep is designed to be used for the theraphy of deseases such as sleep apnea, snorring, asthma, respiratory failure, COPD and Covid 19 with the help of diverse modes in the user interface. During design process; criterias such as screen visibility, ease of access one hand, easy filling of the water receptacle, portability, comfortable usage during sleep were considered. Within the project context; industrial design, mechanical design, prototype production and user interface design (UI) were carried out. 1/1 Kadraj İstanbul

  • Science Experiment with the Five Senses | Nesne EMT

    SCIENCE EXPERIENCE WITH THE FIVE SENSES Year 2018 ​ Sector Educational Game Kits Project; Through interaction/trial/playing mechanisms, it aimed to form the basis of preschool children's learning by touching, smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing, and the science education they will receive in the future. The exhibition modules, which include interactive experiments, games and "hands on" devices, developed with the contributions of different disciplines, reflect the scientific thinking approach; by creating environments where they can use processes such as observation - comparison - matching - classification - measurement - communication - estimation - deduction. These exhibition modules, which are sensory learning stations, have created a unique option that will contribute to the content of existing science centers as a domestic design, as well as providing accessibility for children who do not have sufficient opportunities in pre-school education, thanks to their portability. 1/1

  • Projeler | Nesne Endüstriyel ve Mekanik Tasarım | Turkey

    SECTOR Electronic Industrial Machines medical Urban Accessories Household Appliances Toy Packaging Food Design Projects Elektronik

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