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Public Design


Within the scope of the Izmir Mediterranean Academy's call for design projects in 2015; It was chosen as an idea project.

Basmane Environmantal Design Proposals project coordinated by Izmir History Project Centre and designed and developed by Nesne EMT, aims to bring Basmane, where different layers, cultures, stories and paths intersect,  back to its status as a focus of attraction.

Although Basmane is an extension of Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, the two areas have disconnected in time which has led Izmir citizens to remove the region from their agenda.

The design proposals for the area are built  on the concepts such as “encounter, intersection, meeting and leaving traces”

The starting point of the project is to contribute to Izmir History Project which aims to bring revival to the region, underline the values of Basmane and create sustainable awareness about the area.

Historical Layers - Different Cultures – Migration - Abandonmant

Anafartalar Street as a “Starting Point“ and “A Stop” Where Roads Cross

Signalization Units

Wall Mounted Signboard

Signalization Units

Floor Signboard

Multi-Directional Signboard

Signalization Units

Info Kiosk

 Landcape Units                         

Urban Canopy as a Landcape Units  - Traces of Identity

Urban Canopy

Bench Units

Modular - Different Compositions - Traces of Identity

Market Stall

Activity Proposal based on the Concepts “Encounter – Intersection – Meeting - Leaving Traces” Sustainability Interaction between the Habits Maintained Visitors

Bird House

Bring the Birds Back Home - Traces of Identity

Identity; Encounter, Intersection, Meeting, Leaving Traces, Stories up the historical layers, cross up the roads

ALPHA; Rising, Fronting, Directing, Passage-Gate, Main Axle

Hanging Bird House

Bring Together Local Inhabitants with Visitors – Exchange of Knowledge and Skills

POP-UP KITCHEN; Experiencing Multicultural Cuisine

Building Team Spirit with Among Children - Leave Traceses to Streets -Building Sence of Belonging

Urban Stitching - Activity “Leaving the Trace “

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