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Istanbul Senin - Lighting Products Design Competition 2nd Prize

The FRAME Istanbul project, which won the 2nd prize in the Istanbul Senin - Lighting Products Design Competition organized by the Istanbul Municipality has been based on the idea that a city which possesses a multi-identity texture can also comprise light and carriers with variable and flexible structure embracing different identities.

Within this context the FRAME  Istanbul is a series of lighting products consisting of a simple frame and varying fixtures and functional accesories which can be plugged in to this frame.

The whole system of design which consists of parts that can be added or removed in accordance with different neighborhood identities and varying necessities also harbors smart technologies, urban furniture & equipments and innovative service design ideas.

Boulevard Type Lighting for New Settlement
Lighting for Squares of New  Settlements
Bollard Type Lighting for New Settlements
Lighting for Street and Pedestrian Pathway of New  Settlements
Wall Mounted and Catenary Lighting for Old Settlements
Lighting for Squares of Specific Sites
Lighting for Squares of Specific Sites
Lighting for the Square and Street Type of the Old Settlements
Variations for Lighting of Squares
Variations for Lighting of Squares
Set-Ups for Interactive Games
Lighting Units and Urban Equipments for Parks and Playgrounds 
Street Lighting for Specific Sites; Pier and Waterfront
Catenary Lighting for Specific Sites
Product Index
Wall Mounted  Lighting for Specific Sites
Street Lighting for Specific Sites
Adaptation to the Urban Environment; Decorative Dressing Solutions
Lighting Unit and Smart City Applications
Lighting Unit and Additional Functions
Lighting Unit and Alternative Energy Resources
Lighting Unit and Urban Furniture&Equipment
Kadraj İstanbul
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