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Public Design

Public furniture designed for the waterfront of Izmir city is a part of the Izmir Sea Project which aims to transform the city into innovative city with its brand identity. Starting with the idea ‘strengthening the relation of Izmir citizens with the sea’, a series of sitting / lieing lounging/ eating&drinking / relaxing / sightseeing / activity / landscape / playing elements /playground equipments were designed  which improves ergonomical conditions and provides users various experiences .

Generatable Modular Concrete Seating Units
Fishing Dock
Socializing and Facilitating Collective Activities
Continuity - View from Different Angles - Flexibility 
Sit & Fish -  Seating at Promenade  – Sightseeing
Beach Lounge Unit       
Picnic Unit
Eating & Drinking Activities - Socializing - Spending Time with Family - Strengthening Ties with the Waterfront - Relaxation
Double-Sided Use for Adults and Children
Landscape Units - Separator Enable Use of Evergreen Climbers to wrap around and Water Reservoirs for Birds
Tree grills
Canopy Designed to Use of Evergreen Climbers 
Palm Textures - Natural Canopy – Lightweight - Semi-Translucent Constructions
Water Fountain
Marine Theme Parks - Journey from Sea to Land - Perception of Space - Entertainment - Socializing 
Fish-Shaped Tunnel
Izmir Boat
Tale Theme Parks - Supporting Team Spirit - Mental and Physical Development - Enhancing Imagination
Heroes  Characters
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